Feb 28, 2021
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LOT 863:

The age of Russian book art. in Russian. Compiled By A. Markevich.

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The age of Russian book art. in Russian. Compiled By A. Markevich.
M.: Vagrius. 2005 568 p. Hardcover, 27.5 x 36 cm. Copy in printing film. Excellent condition (new book).

This is the first and only attempt to present the most complete work of masters of the XX century in the field of illustration, design and typography, to create a sort of encyclopedia of Russian book art and attract more attention to this phenomenon of artistic culture of Russia, to return from past forgotten times, to remember all those who stood at the origins of domestic book graphics, as well as show the work of contemporary artists. The materials used in the album are original illustrations and books provided by museums, libraries, collectors of private collections, artists and their heirs. The publication will be interesting not only for professionals, but also for all lovers of books and book art.