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Testes V. P. Russian satirical magazines 1769-1774 years. Research about their publishers and employees. From the ...

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Testes V. P. Russian satirical magazines 1769-1774 years. Research about their publishers and employees. From the library of the RSDLP in Paris!
Saint Petersburg: "Sirius" printing house, 1914. - 90 p.: facsimile; format 18 x 25 cm. Edition of 200 copies. (Appendix to the magazine "Russian bibliophile" 1914, no. I-IV).

Hardcover without preserving the publisher's cover; trace of moisture on the top of pages 64-88; pencil marks in the margins and in the text; stamps of R. S. D. R. P. in Paris.

[Vladimir Petrovich Semyonnikov (11 (23) September 1885, Russian Empire — 14 September 1936, Leningrad, USSR) was a Russian and Soviet bibliographer, literary historian, and archaeographer. Worked in the "Pushkin House", a specialist in A. N. Radishchev.

The first works were devoted to the study of Russian book printing in the XVIII — early XX century. XIX centuries. (publications in the Russian bibliophile magazine, 1911-12). Russian Russian books catalog was created in the 18th century, which was based on the principle of describing books from originals ("Russian bibliography of the XVIII century. Plan of work undertaken by V. P. Semyonnikov", 1915). After 1917, he continued his research on the history of the Russian enlightenment and culture of the 18th century. Published several collections of documents with prefaces and comments: "Monarchy before the collapse. 1914-1917" (1927), "revolution of 1905 and autocracy" (1928). Author of the books "Romanov politics on the eve of the revolution" (1926), "Romanov and German influences during the world war" (1929).
He made a major contribution to literary studies with works dedicated to A. N. Radishchev. In 1920, he discovered a number of unknown manuscripts of Radishchev, established his participation in the publications of the "Society that tries to print books". He believed that the literary form of "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow" goes back to L. stern's "Sentimental journey", and the ode "Liberty" is a reaction to the war of independence in the United States.

The Russian social democratic workers ' party (R. S. D. R. P.) was founded in the Russian Empire on March 1, 1898 at a Congress in Minsk.
In December 1909, a number of Otzovists, ultimatists, and God builders United in the Forward group, which operated in Paris, Geneva, and Tbilisi.]