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Feb 28, 2021
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Nietzsche Friedrich. Anti-Christian. Experience of criticism of Christianity, Nietzsche F. Collected works. Volume ...

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Nietzsche Friedrich. Anti-Christian. Experience of criticism of Christianity, Nietzsche F. Collected works. Volume II. Beyond good and evil. Convolute of two books in one cover.
Hardcover with preserved covers, 16.5 x 23.5 cm. Good condition, marks in the text, spots.

1. Nietzsche Friedrich. Anti-Christian. Experience of criticism of Christianity. St. Petersburg, publishing house of M. V. Pirozhkov. 1907, p. 94 

The Antichrist is a Book by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that raises the issue of the essence of Christianity, first published in 1895. The book was written in 1888, but its scandalous content forced Franz Overbeck and Heinrich Keselitz to postpone its publication, as well as the "Ecce Homo"written in the same year. The book also raises broader concepts of equality and democracy, seen as long-term consequences of Christian values. The book is built as a protest of the philosopher (and he came from among Protestant pastors) against the inconsistencies between the eternal principles declared by the Christian Church and the actual practice of the Christian Church in history. 

2. Collected works. Volume II. Beyond good and evil. M. Edition of the bookseller M. V. Klyukin. 1900 320 p. 

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) - the great German philosopher, the founder of a new direction in philosophy. The works of Schopenhauer and Wagner played a special role in its development. The theory of Superman developed by the philosopher was connected, among other things, with a deep experience of his own severe illnesses. His entire life and scientific path is a struggle of an unbridled spirit, striving for unlimited knowledge, with the limited capabilities of the body. "Beyond good and evil. Prelude to the philosophy of the future "(1886) exposes the shortcomings of those who are usually called " philosophers "and reveals the qualities of" new philosophers": imagination, perseverance, originality and"value creation". Nietzsche challenges some of the basic assumptions of the old philosophical tradition, such as" self-consciousness", " knowledge", " truth", and" free will", explaining them as the invention of moral consciousness. Instead, he offers the will to power as an explanation for any behavior. It re-evaluates humanistic beliefs, showing that even lust for power, appropriation, and inflicting pain on the weak are not absolutely reprehensible.