Feb 2, 2021
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Timm Vasili Fedorovich
The extension of the imperial regalia of the ...

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The extension of the imperial regalia of the Palace Armoury. Moscow. 1856.
Year: The end of XIX century.
Technique: Litography.
Size: 55х36.

Timm Vasili Fedorovich (1820, Kurlyand Region – 1895, Berlin).

Academician. Russian painter and graphical artist, native of Latvia. During 1835-1838 studied at Academy of Arts. For success in military painting was awarded the small and the big silver medals. In mid 1940-ies worked in Paris under the supervision of O. Verne. V. Timm’s illustrations were found in royal family albums. In 1855 he was elected academician. During 1851-1862 issued the “Russian Art Paper" along with several splendid lithographies to it.