Feb 2, 2021
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Yuon Konstantin Fyodorovich
Album of 10 auto-lithographs "Russian ...

Price: 145,000р
Start price:
50,000 р
Estimated price:
50,000 р - 100,000 р
Auction house commission: 15% More details

Album of 10 auto-lithographs "Russian province". Berendei. Moscow. Circulation 250 copies.
Year: 1922.
Technique: Lithography.
Size: 40х31,5.

Yuon Konstantin Fyodorovich (1875, Moscow -1958, Moscow).

A Full Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. People’s Painter of the RSFSR. In 1898 he graduated from Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he studied under V.A. Serov. Yuon was a member of the following associations: the Unio