Feb 2, 2021
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LOT 27:

Glinka Vera Nickolayevna

Price: 11,000р
Start price:
5,000 р
Estimated price:
5,000 р - 10,000 р
Auction house commission: 15% More details

Year: 1934.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Size: 31х27.

Glinka Vera Nickolayevna (1883, Shmakovo village, the Smolensk province – 1955, Moscow).

Got the first art education in Smolensk and Petersburg. In 1905 moved to Moscow, in 1906 studied under K.Yuon. in 1907 entered Moscow school of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where studied under A. Korin, N. Kasatkin, A. Vasnetsov, L.Pasternak, A. Arkhipov and V. Serov. In 1910-s studied in Paris under A. Matiss. Since 1912 studied in the Academy of Arts. In 1910-1940-s worked on a series, devoted to Smolenschina memorial places, concerning the life of M.I. Glinka. Illustrated children books for Moscow publishing houses (“Seasons” – 1924, “Animals” – 1927, “Children” – 1929, etc.). The works of the artist are exhibited in the Central Museum of musical culture, in many regional museums, as well as in private collections in Russia.