Feb 2, 2021
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LOT 109:

Egorshina Natalya Alexandrovna

Price: 200,000р
Start price:
200,000 р
Estimated price:
200,000 р - 500,000 р
Auction house commission: 15% More details

Year: 1956.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Size: 96х58.

Egorshina Natalya Alexandrovna (born 1926, Samara-2010).

The corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Famous artist-monumenlalist. Graduated the Repin's Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. Inl953. The participant of the exhibitions since 1955. Her works were exhibited at group exhibitions at the beginning of 60-s., " the exhibitions of the group of 9" (1961, Moscow), "the exhibitions of the group of 8" (1962, Leningrad) together with N. Andronov, M. Ivanov, P. Nokonov and the others. Her one-woman shows took place in series of museums, including the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (2001). The masterpieces of N.A.Egorshina are presented in are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, in Abramtsevo, in National gallery in Sophia, In P. Ludwig's museum (Aahene). The painting was exhibited in N. Egorshina personal exhibitions (Exhibition Hall at the Vavilov street, Moscow, 1979 and Exhibition Hall at Kuznetsky Most street, 2001) and in the exhibition “Sur. Realism” (pop/off/art gallery, Moscow, 2005), it was mentioned in the catalogue of the personal exhibition of N. Egorshina in 1979.