Feb 2, 2021
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LOT 156:

Chuykova Mariya Mikhailovna
From the "Readers" series. Read out.

Price: 22,000р
Start price:
20,000 р
Estimated price:
20,000 р - 40,000 р
Auction house commission: 15% More details

From the "Readers" series. Read out.
Year: 2007.
Technique: Photo.
Size: 55х80.

Chuykova Mariya Mikhailovna (Born 1960)

Works as an artist and curator. Member of the International Federation of Artists (1989). She studied at the Faculty of Urban Planning at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 1987 she took part in the activities of the Inspectorate "Medical Hermeneutics". She is known for her artistic projects, in which she depicts the culinary recipes of the world or the products themselves in painting, drawings, graphics, photography, and reproduces the sounds of cooking in her performances.