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Oct 31, 2021
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LOT 56:

El Al
State Medal, 5729-1969

The beginnings of Israeli aviation ...

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El Al
State Medal, 5729-1969

The beginnings of Israeli aviation predate the establishment of the State, but the War of Liberation and the land blockade imposed by the Arab states upon the country, made it necessary to ensure free and independent communication with countries abroad among the paramount concerns of the young State, demanding an immediate solution. The Government therefore, decided, as early as November 1948, to establish a national airline. In 1949 El Al established air links with Europe and Africa; the New York line began to operate in 1 950. El Al, on its twentieth anniversary, maintained a network of flights to sixteen countries spread over four continents.

Obverse: A dove, its wings, spread, head and body inclined to the right, the left wing raised higher. The wing tips and feet form a fanlike pattern. Around the rim, stylized Hebrew letters in relief, make up the Hebrew inscription: "Bring back my sons from far and my daughters from the end of the earth" from Isaiah 43:6. The inscription in English fills the upper part save for a triangle between the wings and the body of the dove within which are engraved the words "El Al" in Hebrew.

Reverse: The area is filled with stylized Hebrew letters, free and uneven. The entire Hebrew alphabet, consisting of 22 letters, are enclosed within a circle surrounding the Hebrew "aleph" which is placed in the center.

Edge:On the bronze and silver, the State emblem and the words: "State of Israel" in Hebrew and English. The gold has the State emblem and the words: "Israel", in Hebrew and in English. The silver medals bear "Silver 935" in Hebrew and the word "Sterling" in English. The gold medals have "G 916.6". The silver 59mm have the date 5738-1977" except for the medals numbered 0001 to 0095 and 1096 to 1395.

Serialization: All the medals have been numbered. Bronze have been numbered to 10,000, of which 2 have not been minted and 60 have been melted. Silver 45mm have been numbered to 5000 of which 15 have been melted. Gold have been numbered to 1990 of which 50 have been melted. Silver 59mm have been numbered to 1395 while 234 have been melted.

Designer: Ben Shahn. U.S.A.

Engraving: Kretschmer.