Auction 12 Dr. Baruch Falach : Rare Documents and Books.
May 5, 2020
 אדני פז 42 חדרה.

Sale of rare books, unknown documents, postcards, letters, signed books, special books in Jewish Studies, illustrations and lithographs, vinyls and more.

Among the items in the sale : 

1. Rarer publications from She’erit HaPleita, Cyprus, the "Bricha Movement" and more. Some of the are unknown!

2. Rare publications of Neturei Karta.

3. Unknown publications of Military Intelligence Directorate in IDF and other intelligence services. 

4. The first book of Psalms which was published in Jerusalem before the state's founding in 1948!

5. Important items from the first year to the state and and before of its's founding!

The sale will be on tuesday, 05.05.20, at 18.00 P.M.

No buyer commissions!! For those who pay after 14 days will be added a storage fee of 20%.

VAT on the whole amount. Customers from abroad for whom the package is shipped, are exempted from VAT by presenting their passport.

Registered shipment - NIS 25.

Package shipment - 35 NIS.  

Courier shipment [Israel post] - 60 NIS. 

Overseas mail according to the type of shipment and the destination country.

The auction has ended

LOT 567:

אב הרחמים : תפילה למען יהודי גרמניה. 1933. מנוקדת. עברית ואנגלית. נדיר מאוד.

Start price:
$ 30
Auction house commission: 0% More details
VAT: 17% On the full lot's price and commission
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

אב הרחמים : תפילה למען יהודי גרמניה. 1933. מנוקדת. עברית ואנגלית. נדיר מאוד.
אב הרחמים : תפילה למען יהודי גרמניה. נוסחה בידי הרבנות הבריטית הראשית ב-1933. מנוקדת, עברית ואנגלית. דף נפתח - שתי עמודות. מידות : סגור : 16.5X10.5 ס"מ, פתוח : 16.5X21 ס"מ. מצהיב, נקבי עש. מצב כללי טוב. נדיר מאוד.