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By Tiferet Auctions
Apr 9, 2024
Beit HaDfus 12, B, 4th floor, Jerusalem, Israel
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LOT 50:

Success In Business, Health And Succor Blessings ...

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$ 150
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Success In Business, Health And Succor Blessings From The Holy Rebbe Of Skwere OBM

Letter of holy blessings dictated by the holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef of Skwere, with blessings for healing, pleasure and satisfaction, from all descendants, blessings and success. New Square, 1965.

Official letterhead on which the Rebbe's sexton, the famous Chossid Rabbi Yeshaya Yoel Ungar – “R' Yeshaya Gabbai” – wrote the letter in the Rebbe's name, as per the Rebbe's dictation:

“His request was received by C"K Admor the holy Tzaddik Shlita.

And he blessed him with blessings of health of body and soul, for success in businesses, for finding favor and good livelihood, a blessing of health and he should raise his progeny with ease and satisfaction.”

He also writes blessings for other people whose names were mentioned in the Kvittel, and wishes for them as well health of body and soul, and satisfaction and pleasure from their children, for all health and salvation, pleasure and satisfaction, and an abundance of blessing and success, blessings for a happy and kosher holiday, and that they should inform us (the Rebbe) of good tidings.

So written on order of the Rebbe, the holy Tzaddik Shlita.

[1] official letterhead aerogram. Slight age stains. Fold markings. Good–very good condition.

Measurement:  18 x 30 cm

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