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Apr 9, 2024
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LOT 33:

Otot Hashamayim by the Holy Rav of Strizov, the ...

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Otot Hashamayim by the Holy Rav of Strizov, the Rav of Maran the Yismach Moshe, First Edition

Sefer Otot Hashamayim by the Kabbalist the holy Gaon Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Strizov, the Rav of Maran the Yismach Moshe - Zhytomyr, 1805 - first edition - glosses and signature

Printed at the beginning of the book are the appobations of leading Chassidic rabbis: Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, the Maggid of Kozhnitz and the Yismach Moshe. 

Signature on the title page: "צבי הירש ב"מ לפידות". On the leaves of the book including the last leaf, signatures and stamps of the Shochet of Yanov Rabbi [Alter] Chaim Aharon ben Yisrael Shlomo. 

The author the Gaon Kabbalist Rabbi Aryeh Leib Halevi Av beis Din of Strizov (1736-1803?), the Rav of the Yismach Moshe, who revered him, writing in his approbation for this book: "האדם הגדול בענקים... מורי ורבי וש"ב ב"ד הרב הגאון האמיתי החסיד". הרלוי"צ מברדיטשוב כותב עליו בהסכמה לספר שלפנינו: "כל ימיו לא מש מתוך אוהל של תורה ושם לילות כימים... ולמד תורת ה' לשמה, וצלל במים אדירים בים התלמוד והפוסקים לאסוקי לשמעתתא אליבא דהלכתא...".

93; 18 leaves. 21 cm. Most of the leaves are in good condition. The first and last leaves are in fair condition. Minor tears and wear to the title page, the following leaf and the last leaves. Dampness stains on some leaves.  Renewed binding. 


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