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Apr 9, 2024
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Eretz Zvi, by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch ben Rabbi ...

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Eretz Zvi, by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch ben Rabbi Yehuda Leib of Vadislov, the father of the holy Rav Rabbi Bonem of Peshischa. Prague, 1786. First edition. 

Sefer Eretz Zvi, sermons by Rabbi Zvi ben Maharil, Maggid Meisharim of the Vadislov community and author of Assarah Lame'ah. The press of Joseph Emanuel Diesbach, Prague, 1786. 

The holy Rav, the Maggid of Vadislov Rabbi Zvi Hirsch, author of Assarah Lame'ah [1630-1710] a holy Maggid who was born in Germany and fought for maintaining religion. Wandered through Poland and its neighbors and delivered sermons in support of the Torah and Judaism. Received his Semicha from the Noda BiYehuda. Although he was not a Chassid, it is told that the Chozeh of Lublin pleaded with him to deliver a sermon in Lublin. His son was the famed holy Rav Rabbi Simcha Boben of Peshischa. 

[4], 48, 16 leaves. Many approbations including an approbation by Rabbi Yechezkel Segal Landau, the Nodah BiYehuda. Signatures on the title page. Imbossed on the binding is the name of Rabbi Zvi Eliezer Stern. 

Renewed binding with gilt lettering. Stains. Blemishes and a blemish to the corners of the title page and several leaves at the beginning and end of the book, slightly affecting the text. Fair-good condition. 

Measurement:  19 cm

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