Choice Coins from a New England Collection

By Lion & Unicorn

Apr 3, 2024
200 Oakwood Lane Suite 200 Hollywood, FL 33020, United States

For numismatists and antique collectors, the allure of rare coins transcends mere monetary value. Each coin tells a story, a snapshot of an era frozen in metal. Antique coin auctions are the rigorous battlefields where these historical treasures find new homes and further cement their place in the annals of numismatic lore. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just setting foot into the world of coin accumulating, understanding the profound experiences antique coin auctions offer can be a pivotal step in your numismatic journey.

We are thrilled to extend this invitation to discerning collectors and numismatic enthusiasts for an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history. Join us for the "Choice Coins from a New England Collection" auction on April 3rd at 2PM ET, featuring the prized acquisitions of a meticulous single-owner collector who spent over 30 years amassing rarities. This event promises to be a showcase of dedication and passion, with key items such as the 1794 Liberty Cap large cent coin and the revered 1838 Capped Bust quarter. Don't miss the chance to elevate your collection with these storied treasures.

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